Economists urge rethink on HIV

Better screening of blood donations and higher alcohol taxes to reduce risky sexual behaviour in Africa are among the most effective ways to cut HIV infection, according to an analysis by leading economists...

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Moneyball for HIV

Bjorn Lomborg's middle name is not actually "controversial," but maybe it should be...

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Voice of America

Rethinking HIV from an Economic Viewpoint

Some of the world's top economists have gotten together to take a new look at the HIV/AIDS epidemic and see whether money can be better spent...

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Ranking AIDS priorities

If the world’s HIV/AIDS advocacy organizations were able to raise $10 billion dollars over the next five years to fight the disease, they should give top priority to funding vaccine research and development...

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Wall Street Journal

Rethinking the Fight Against AIDS

With funding down, it is critical to identify those measures that achieve the most results for the money spent...

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