Innovation Workshop

Innovation Workshops

Four workshops have been held in Kenya, The Gambia, Uganda, and Burundi.

The first of these was held in Nairobi, where five of ActionAid’s country teams joined forces with several of Nairobi’s artists, entrepreneurs and media personalities on September 12th to undergo an innovation training workshop led by Ben Hayman, managing director of co-creation consultancy Promise.

The objective of the Innovation Workshop was to:

Ensure that the 5 competitors for Rush Innovation and Sustainability Grants are invigorated into thinking outside the box about HIV provision and equipped with the tools to submit pithy proposals that will be hailed as breakthroughs for years to come.

Innovation workshop

During two fun-filled days of stimulating and challenging tasks, the five country teams developed their best ideas for innovative initiatives aimed at breaking new ground in the provision of services and opportunities for those infected and affected by HIV in their client communities.

Based upon preliminary proposals, the objective of the workshop was met! The energy, enthusiasm and creative spirit of all workshop participants was on display, as each team presented compelling, new, sustainable ideas.

Follow-on workshops were held in the countries awarded the Innovation & Sustainability Grants - The Gambia and Uganda. These workshops were aimed at refining the plans for the Innovation and Sustainability Grants. Based upon these plans, the Grants launched in 2012-2013.

This project is funded by Fondation Rush