RUSH started in September 2010...


RethinkHIV was the first-ever attempt at a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of HIV interventions in sub-Saharan Africa by leading epidemiologists, demographers and economists. It attempted to introduce new tools and methods to improve prioritisation, as well as engage Nobel Laureate economists, international institutions and African civil society in a debate on better resource allocation. Our aim was to clarify the benefits of investing in HIV and help prioritise the best interventions. The 18 academic research papers have been released online, and are part of a book entitled RethinkHIV: Smarter Ways to Invest in Ending HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa published by Cambridge University Press. more

On the ground action

Innovation Grants

Rush and Action Aid are getting competitive juices flowing in a bid to generate innovative ideas. The grants were awarded to Uganda and The Gambia who bid for the three-year funding as part of a competition set up by Rush with Action Aid support to pioneer new sustainable initiatives on the ground involving People Living With HIV/AIDS.

An Innovation Workshop was held in Nairobi, Kenya in September, 2011 in which the five finalist country teams participated in a two-day workshop aimed at inspiring creativity and outside-the-box ideas about HIV provision. The winners then held planning workshops in Uganda and The Gambia in the spring of 2012, prior to final submissions. The grants launched in 2012-2013.